Seki Magoroku Easy Grip Nail Clipper

  • From the tradition of Seika Sekki , a grooming series Tsumekiri was born from the tradition of Kan Seki Seki.
  • Assist ring with easy hand to hold even with the hand opposite to the dominant hand - Various holding methods can be stably and stably carried out
  • The nail of the hand is also easy to cut curved blade, it is finished to stick to the comfort
  • It adopts a smooth texture finish, etched claws!
  • It is with a stopper case of a U-cut side which is easy to cut without scattering the cut nails
  • Product Size (Approx.): Width 9.5 X Length 1.8 X Height 3.8 cm
  • Weight (Approx.): 52 g
  • Material - Blade Part: Stainless Steel Blade Steel
  • Lever: Stainless Steel, Elastomer
  • Stopper: Elastomer
  • File Name: Stainless Steel