About Houseware

KAI is committed to protecting our planet by making environmental friendly products and offering the safest and most reliable support for you to enjoy delicacies and cooking. A wide range of people- centered housewares will make cooking much easier. You will be surprised how practical and versatile our products are.

Select 100


Select 100 is a collection that has achieved ultimate perfection in function and design. It makes cooking easier and enjoyable. It includes kitchen accessories and electric cooking devices which are the best offers proudly presented by KAI.



Vitacraft delivers handcrafted cookware that keeps intact the ingredients' vitamins. The brand continues to promote healthy cooking with no water or oil and with outstanding steel making technology, develops cookware for health management, making it possible for you to enjoy healthy food.

KAI House Select


KAI house select is our basic houseware series. A wide range of housewares makes cooking easier and enjoyable.

Baking Tools


Baking tools from KAI are professional, easy-to-use and safe products that KAI has repeatedly tested and modified before they are presented to you. Under the stringent requirements, every baking tool is able to make the cooking experience much more enjoyable for you.