About Knives

For over 100 years, the KAI company has been producing cutlery according to the traditions of the legendary samurai of old Japan. In the process, the desire to preserve ancient traditions and to combine them with innovative techniques represents no contradiction, but forms the basis for new products that honor Japanese blacksmithing while meeting modern demands. With the highest quality standards, KAI has made it its mission to produce special KAI kitchen knives for daily use. Made from natural resources, shaped and formed according to the expertise of the ancient blacksmithing art of the samurai, KAI cooking knives epitomise Japanese craftsmanship carried out with the highest degree of precision. From the design to completion of each individual knife, the focus is on the development of an integrated and carefully-considered product. Since beginning as a family business in 1908 as Seki, KAI has developed into an international company.



With their sober and elegant look, Seki Magoroku knives are a real gem in the kitchen. Forged of stainless steel, these knives are sharpened and honed with great technical skill. The result is blades with the kind of perfect sharpness, robustness and durability that is ideal for daily use in the kitchen.



Exceptional Beauty & Exquisite Craftsmanship.Shun reserves the line as a masterful blend of graceful beauty and impeccable performance. Shun reserve knives are full tanged western style kitchen tools, each side clad with 32 layers of following ladder Damascus.


Cutting Edge

The KAI Hocho knife is perfect for your regular kitchen use. Perfect for cutting and peeling fruits and vegetables, the KAI Hocho has a pointed and sharp tip that allows for easy and smooth piercing. The ergonomic design of the handle, with a textured surface, ensures that the knife does not slip while in use.

Kids Knives


Children are creative by nature, and they enjoy exploring their creativity in the kitchen. Japanese knife specialists KAI have worked together to develop a unique junior knife that makes it easier for children aged 6 and above to learn how to use professional food preparation equipments.