About Beautycare

Good beauty tools are equally important as cosmetics. Beauty tools from KAI Japan are not only well made but also considerably designed, they make complicated things easier & care only about people. Your time invested in putting on make up will be greatly saved and the process will be more comfortable.

Eye Essentials

Eye Love

A leader in the cosmetic market of Japan for many years. KAI Cares about what customers & experts say & keep creating products that integrate functionality, convenience & portability. KAI makes beauty freer.

Makeup Essentials

Brush Up

Why not incorporate a "skin-friendly" makeup brush into your daily makeup? KAI Face brushes and cheek brushes are made with goat wool that contains a lot of powder and is soft to touch. It fits well on the skin and has a supple finish.

Makeup Puffs

Glow Away

Good tools affect the finishing of makeup and make-up is an everyday activity. Puffs with foundation or sebum are prone to germs and cause skin problems.It's important to keep it clean, but also difficult to wash it often. A "clean puff" frees women from this stress.

Hair Care

Fuzz Free

Products designed for supple and beautiful hair. The unique array of the brush captures straight hair firmly and leaves your hair tangle free and fuzz free.